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     Our mission is to provide optimal care to all patients and to assist them in maintaining good oral health.  Achieving our goals requires the commitment of both the dental patient and the entire dental team.  We welcome and appreciate any and all questions regarding patient care and our practice.

Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry in the last few years.  Dental implants have become a standard of care for the replacement of teeth because dental implants allow a missing tooth (or teeth) to be restored to optimum function and appearance without damaging other teeth or oral tissues. 

In the past a patient missing a single tooth would often receive a fixed bridge where the teeth on either side of the space are prepared for crowns and a false tooth suspended between them. With today’s technology the patient is ideally treated by a crown supported by a dental implant, avoiding any compromise to the other teeth. Dental implants are the ultimate solution for young people with congenitally missing lateral incisors or premolars.

Dental implants can also replace multiple missing teeth which are traditionally replaced by a removable partial denture. Occasionally dental implants can act as anchors for a fixed bridge to replace the teeth making the removable partial denture a less adequate restoration. In some cases there are too many teeth missing to use a fixed bridge; however, using dental implants that snap into the removable partial denture will significantly improve its stability and e the patient’s chewing function.  

Perhaps the best known use of dental implants is treating patients without any teeth. Denture wearers often suffer due to loose and “floating” dentures. Dental implants improve stability with the use of as few as two dental implants with attachments. Multiple implants may be used to increase the retention of otherwise loose dentures. Dental implants also help preserve the patient’s jaw bone and retard the shrinking of the jaw that is routinely seen in long-term denture wearers.                                                                                                          

The dental implants or a fixed denture that remains in the mouth can be attached to the dental implants. We are happy to provide these services for our patients and are happy to discuss the options available to you in your particular situation. 

Please call and schedule and evaluation including a full clinical examination and x-rays.

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